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[[Käyttäi:Dankos10|Dankos10]], You decided to change categories for different musical bands and remove category "Music". I disagree with you. I think it would be better if you first ask another authors of these articles before you start to change a lot of text. Don't you think so? --[[Käyttäi:Onegaborg|Onegaborg]] ([[Käyttäi pagin:Onegaborg|pagize]]) 30. kevätkuuta 2020 kello 22.40 (MSK)
:In my opinion, the category "Muuzikku" is not needed since the new category "Joukot" is already included in that category. Also, using subcategories like this, the number of articles in the original category would not become too large in the future. But, I would also like to hear your opinion about this. -- [[Käyttäi:Dankos10|Dankos10]] ([[Käyttäi pagin:Dankos10|pagize]]) 30. kevätkuuta 2020 kello 23.57 (MSK)